Are unions superior to parts when it comes to welded, unanchored objects?

Pretty simple question, what would benefit the performance of my game more?

A) A car, with 300 parts, all of which are unanchored and welded.
B) The car above, with all the welds and more, however, all of those parts have been converted into 30 unions.

I’m very curious to this as I’m working a rather high part vehicle of sorts.

Thanks for any answers! ~sansprosii

If you are making a vehicle with that many Parts I’d suggest making it a Mesh by selecting all those Parts/Unions and Exporting them to a 3D mesh program like Blender to make it 1 Mesh.
Unions, especially complex ones, are very messy when it comes to extra faces created when making them.
Blender has a lot of great tutorial videos to help out, and it’s free.
A lot of moving parts or unions will cause more lag.

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