Are Using ContentProvider.RequestQueueSize Bad?

I want to use ContentProvider.RequestQueueSize() for the loading bar.
But looking on, They told me not to use Request
QueueSize for making loading bar, Do it cache some leaked data? Or
Can i use that freely? i don’t want to use :PreloadAsync() please…

Developers are advised not to use RequestQueueSize to create loading bars. This is because the queue size can both increase and decrease over time as new assets are added and downloaded.

It’s probably a better idea to use PreloadAsync, using RequestQueueSize can sometimes make it seem like the game is going backwards in time and unloading data, because progress could all of a sudden jump from 76% to 22%.

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Yeah, i know, but do it leak data? if it’s not then i would use it no problem when it jumps.

I don’t understand what you mean by “leak data”? It’s literally just a number property of the ContentProvider service.

And, yeah, i added the text label for the players.

Then is it safe to use it? I will use it with no problem.

and is preloadAsync same for the player’s downloading? I would use it no problem IF it’s safe.