Are we allowed to let users register (and create a password) a third-party account through a Roblox game?

I remember that it is allowed, because I’ve seen people making CAD some kind of login systems. Always take the precaution of telling the user to NOT use the password of their existing Roblox account, put a warning on the register screen.


This is actually very interesting.

But I would probably assume no, since some players might user their same login information that they use for their Roblox or other accounts.

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I mean that is their choice to be honest I said what I had to say “We’re not asking for your Roblox account password.”

Yes but for something like this, you have to consider Roblox’s perspective on this. I cannot confidently say that they would allow a game to do this due to security reasons.

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The simple answer is YES, but take precautions

The simple answer is not really.

Be extremely careful what you ask for and how users can interact with your site. For example asking uses to put in login details in a Roblox game is a big no.


So what I am doing is wrong or no?

I am not asking for their login details I want them to register on my website from my game.

In game login is simply an example.

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The Roblox terms of service states that you’re not allowed to promote users to go off-site to other websites that are not approved by Roblox. (Approved: Twitter, YouTube etc.). If you do so, you may face moderation actions taken against your account.

Generally speaking, though, you shouldn’t be doing this. I was once trying to say I was a good scripter and showed them a login screen I made. They blocked me on Discord because they thought I was attempting to get their Roblox credentials (smart move by them), but I managed to get somebody else to contact the user to tell them it was only an example of what I could do. So, lesson learned.

What users do on your website, though, is an entirely different case, because Roblox cannot control what they’re doing / what you’re doing there. It’s off-site. As long as you’re not promoting players on Roblox to go off-site to an unverified / unapproved website by Roblox, you should be all good.


A better way to do this would be to link a previously created account to a roblox account.

Have the users create an account on the website directly, and then display some code to the user on the roblox game. Have them then type in that code on the website to link their account.

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Thats complicated, the simple answer is no since it could easily be misunderstood as a maintenance GUI which was a problem on roblox a few years back however if you made users sign in through a 3rd party then link their accounts with something like what ro verify does it would be allowed.

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It’s complicated,

  • You need to filter text when it goes out of Roblox so the Password might be ########
    ( References 1 , 2 ) @ElliottLMz

  • You need to get your players to get to your website, you cannot display offsite links or encourage them to go there

  • You need to make sure they aren’t using their Roblox Password

  • You need to store their Password in a secure place, encrypted and NOT in plain text.

Maybe there would be a better way to do what you are trying to achieve

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From my experience they don’t answer our questions.

If I were you I wouldn’t do it, why risk your chance to DevEx and do something that could be ban able

Wrong category. This belongs in #discussion or #help-and-feedback:game-design-support.

Officially, no, this is not allowed. It’s not really something you should be doing either. What is your use case? You can easily work with UserIds alone and not involve any private information. You will almost definitely get moderated for this.

Someone mentioned it above but I don’t think it was acknowledged so I’ll repeat it again. When it comes to involving accounts with third party services, the standard is to link a Roblox account by having the app request the user to authorise either by a modal or a description code.


I’m curious if this is allowed with plugins. In the future I will need to create a plug-in for my website where you will have to authenticate somehow. Whether that be with some sort of auth code or user/pass I don’t know.

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Why do you need the accounts in a website? Simply use Roblox’s DataStore, it should be easy to read and edit it.

To answer your question:

No, you’re not allowed to promote users to go off-site at all in your game or anywhere else on the platform unless otherwise specified. Previously games have been under review because they had Discord invites in them, so it appeared to all players. (“Join our server: XXX”) (XXX being the invite)

The only way that I know for sure it’s allowed is to say something like: “see the social links to register”. Only 13+ players can see the social links though.

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To answer the OP’s question

I started digging through old DevForum posts and found this #discussion thread from 2014 (sorry visitors)

The OP asks for help creating their own custom Login system. One thing I noticed is that Shedletsky (then a senior staff member @ Roblox) made two replies. While neither had any stance on the login system, it clearly shows that Roblox (at the time) had no stance against something like this (although it was 2014)

However, in the same time period (again in a discussion post), ReeseMcBlox had this to say about it. Essentially confirming that (at least at the time), Roblox’s official stance was against this type of behavior.


Roblox’s 2014 stance was against this. I’m certain it wouldn’t have changed, especially without any sort of notice.

So don’t do it! If you want a golden answer, try contacting or @DevEngagementTeam, they’ll probably be able to help you better than we can!

I hope this answers your question. I’ve researched this to the best of my ability and are welcome to any criticism or feedback about my response.


If you design the login system to use something such as a 4 digit pin instead of a password, I’m sure that it has a better chance of being allowed. Since you’re saving the user’s username and password in your database, Roblox will most likely be against that because they might assume that it’s phishing.

Don’t do this.
There’s no reason to have players sign up via a Roblox game.

If you want accounts for ingame purposes, use a combination of user id pulled from the player instance (this cannot be spoofed, so it is secure), and some kind of unique key (ie. custom profile name, PIN, save slot).

If you’re making accounts for a website, have users sign up via the website (ideally through another service such as Google or Twitter so you don’t have to handle passwords).

Asking for a password in a Roblox game is a fast track towards getting reported for scamming, even if that’s not your intention. Users will use their Roblox password in your game. It’s inevitable.

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