Are you able to make a draggable, & resizable GUI? (Send any post similar to this here please)

This is more of a common question for anyone trying to find a script that is able to make a click & draggable GUI.

I want to make a tutorial on where to find said forums and a model/script to create a movable GUI with resizing and so on.

Are you able to make a draggable, & resizable GUI? When I searched the question in the DevForum Search Bar, I didn’t get any results that really answered the question.


Yeah, I actually was making one the other day. It definitely is possible.

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I’m kind of confused on whether you want to know how to based on the way you worded the topic lol but if you need help let me know

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I do, I don’t know how to make a movable/draggable, & resizable GUI. I’m trying to get whatever source material I can to create my own and at some point release it to the public.

for draggable guis, the video How to make DRAGGABLE GUIS | Roblox Tutorial - YouTube is pretty useful and ill reply with what i did for the resizeable tomorrow because I dont have my computer rn sorry.

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