Are you allowed to have refrences to drugs?

Hah! Hello there! I’m asking this simple question.

“Are you allowed to have refrences to drugs?”

This is what I mean.
Picture this:
You’re playing an spider-man game and you see 2 people passing, Candy, In this case “Silly Candy” They pass it to eachother, then the other gets into the car, You jump into action and fight the other guy then chase the car, then you bring the so called “Drugs” into the bin.

Probably not, since Parkour does this with their Adrenaline shots. But make sure to not look like a drug, the game had some problems regarding this.


If it’s called candy then it should be fine but probably not unless you specifically call it something else.

The short answer is no, and that is because of rule 11. on The Roblox Community Rules


This is not a good idea, since roblox hates it even more when you try to secretly break the rules. Not trying to be rude, just trying to warn you.

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Hypothetically, if it was just a candy that could be easily found at any convenience store, you should be fine. If you wanted to go all in on this “candy” aspect you could put Silly Candy brand products as props in stores in the game, if you have them at all. If it was treated as drugs, as you so say, I’d stray away from having this mechanic at all. Good luck in your game though!