Are you preventing this dangerous security vulnerability?

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As clickbaity the title is, the question is very much serious and most people do fail to even do this simple step to help secure their account. It’s not 2SV or having a secure password, do you own a Roblox group with your own username?

No really, do you own a Roblox group of your own username? Including common variations (like with the letter L)?

It sounds stupid but check quickly now, has someone already taken advantage of your failure? Hopefully not, but if they haven’t.
Register that group now, every moment you delay you risk the most critical security vulnerability of your account and if taken advantage of you will be dealing with the consciences forever with only the hope Roblox intervenes.

It sounds silly and something you haven’t really thought about before but the effects of it hurts major and small developer around the community.

For example, @sleitnick failed to do this ahead of time when he changed his username and now malicious actors have impersonated him and put his work at the top of the plugin market. Social engineering 101. See: this Tweet from him

@ForeverHD also suffers this issue with users doing the same to him, also see this tweet from him in reply to sleitnick.

It’s not just plugins, if you are any kind of developer with any kind of major traction you should be already attempting to claim your own username. For those who aren’t at that level, be proactive and do it before it matters.

As much as Roblox should be making active efforts to secure the platform, it’s also important that developers take proactive approaches to improve security.