Area 21 Rules & Gamepass Policy

Area 21 Gamepass Policy

When purchasing a gamepass or paid product of any type on Area 21, you agree that you will not be refunded unless (not that we will do it, but we may);

  1. There is a huge notable issue
  2. An error occurred with the purchase.

Every gamepass is subject to be changed, removed (off-sale from the game store, but still functioning), deleted (put off-sale, functions of the gamepass are removed), or possibly even revoked access to the said gamepass.

NONE of the gamepasses on our game give you group ranks and you will NOT be refunded.

Area 21 In-Game Rules

  1. Killing users at their spawn locations is prohibited.
  2. Discrimination and harassment of any kind will lead to a permanent ban from Area 21 (and affiliated games).
  3. Abusing items may lead to any punishment (permanent ban, removal of, if applicable to the situation, a revoked access of the gamepass in question.)
  4. Cheating (and talking about how you cheated as a joke) is not allowed.
  5. (Attempting to) Bypassing the filter will result in a permanent ban.
  6. Breaching SCPs while not on the Class - D or Chaos Insurgency team can result in a ban.
  7. Spamming the radio may result in a ban/mute/removal of your radio communications tool.
  8. Use common sense, do not try to find loopholes around this as the creator can freely punish you if you try to circumvent these rules or find a way to do something not listed here, but is harmful/obviously not good should not be allowed.
  9. ALL ROBLOX Terms of Service apply.