[Area-41] Ver 1.4.6 | UPDATE NOTES


This is the update log for Area-41 [REDUX] Ver 1.4.6.

Note: The term “locked” in this update log refers to items that are no longer available to players.

  • Semi-automatic firearms, such as the G17 and Luger will no longer empty their entire magazine upon a single click. Semi-automatic firearms can no longer be held down either.

  • Sewers have been fixed, the teleportation system for the sewers has been made a one-way teleporter.

  • Security Department loadout has been modified. Personnel within the department considered to be apart of the administration will now get the G36C and P90.

  • P90 firing sounds, model, and damage have been modified.

  • All firearms have been balanced.

  • The Molotov has been removed from the STF team and has been replaced with the Tear Gas Grenade.

  • The Smoke Grenade now has thicker smoke, alongside the smoke particle, the smoke will now also disperse faster and last a little bit longer without impacting performance.

  • A check-door has been added to the entrance of the armory, this will prevent spawn killing of combatant personnel.

  • Animations on all firearms have been slightly modified.

  • Credits have been disabled; you can still earn credits whilst playing the game, however, you can not purchase credits or purchase items with credits for the time being.

  • Minor Christmas update.

  • “LocationScript” has been removed from the game and will not be returning.

  • Camera position of the main menu has been moved.

  • Main menu music changed.

  • Loading screen changed

  • Minor bug fixes.

Any bugs are to be reported to the Area-41 [REDUX] development team as soon as possible.

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