Arexstew - Builder/Modeler | Lowpoly/Highpoly Desinger/Builder

Hey there! My name is arexstew. I’m a game developer here on the platform ROBLOX! I specialize in many things such as building, modeling, terrain, and lighting/visual effects! I’ve been developing for around 3 years now and have had opportunities to gain great experience in the development field. I use outside 3D software such as blender to create assets that reduce lag, while still matching your games style. I’ve also worked with many legendary people that have helped me get to where I am today.

Some notable people I have worked with or work for: @ChronicBuilder, @lmaginationBurst, @Revlayz, @THEROBLOXAIN2 @PaIioxis @LuciferVonhart

Currently I live in Colorado putting my time zone at MDT. (MDT is 2 hours behind EST)

Currently Working For:

  • Revlo/Blockbase Development
  • The Galactic Republic (132K Members)

Here are some examples of my work! I can do both High poly and Low poly. credits to @ChronicBuilder and a couple other people.

Low Poly Work

High Poly Work

Models and Other things

Payment is negotiable. It’s all dependent on the weight of the project as well as the time it’s going to take. I prefer USD and Robux payments. I will rarely accept game percentages on there own, however game percent with payments is an option to. If you have any questions regarding payment, feel free to ask my on one of my contacts located below!

Upon hiring me, I can guarantee your satisfaction. I also don’t take feedback you give to heart. You want the game to be the way YOU want it after all, right?

You can reach out to me via Discord or Twitter. If none of those are options, feel free to contact me here via DevForum. You’ll find that I have a pretty flexible schedule as well. I can work just about everyday for a few hours due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Discord: arexstew#8337
Twitter: arexstew (@arexstew) / Twitter

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:
Credits to @ZiggiousZaggious for the icons!
Portfolio will be updated as newer tasks are accomplished


Really recommend arexstew. If you want fast, quality work this is the guy. Always open to suggestions and changes and will always deliever!


Thanks! Appreciate the kind words! :pray:

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Hey for my current project I will be considering a 3D modeler, could you do animal models - 500 :robux_light: for each model + 10% game revenue?


Sorry for delayed response. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to me and we can talk.

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Hey! I’m a serious buyer interested in your services! I added you on discord!

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More examples added, commissions are open! Lookin to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:

I highly recommend Arexstew, he’s is a chill dude and works really fast and high quality.

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Definitely recommend Arexstew, legend! Keep it up man!

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Thanks for the kind words! Appreciate them very much.

Thanks man! I appreciate your kind words!

Hey arex - interested in your work! I sent you a discord request from TheAlchemist

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Accepted, hope to hear from you soon!

This is awesome, I’m definitely interested in buying some stuff! I sent you a friend request on Discord: FancySmash#6424

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Add me back ryantactics#1103

I am interested.

Hi, we have been trying to contact you for more than two weeks now and have not heard from you. We believe that you are not planning to fulfill our contracts at this point. We are very disappointed because you should at least have the courtesy to let us know if you are running into trouble or issues. We are a big organization and we appropriately execute our payment according to the contract and are planning to do so to maintain our reputation. We deposited 10,000 Robux while we both signed the contract on 1/27/2021 and here is the work you delivered so far even though we believe you have agreed to the contract terms and should be responsible for delivering fully based on the contract. We hope in the future you will take the contract seriously before entering into the agreement.

I’ve heard you were a scammer and shady person over all. I did 10k worth of work. Sorry but you should read terms of service as you clearly are quick to assume my stupidity. If you have any further complaints please feel free to reach out to me on discord rather than slandering my DevForum post, seriously grow up and get some maturity.


Where did you hear about the untruthful claim? If you believe the piece of wall is worth for 10k, I have nothing to say. I just want to share my thoughts working with you which is nothing but the truth.

I have been trying to contact you for more than 2 weeks now on Discord. How am I going to get your attention there? Also, have you read the contract? With your signature, it shows that this contract overwrites any terms and services. We have tried to be professional. Personal attack is not appreciated.

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Maybe but I was quick to avoid him at anything after I heard about his malicious activity from other developers. He also changed the contract without my knowing so to those who are wanting to associate with wood, I would look at all options prior. I’m trying to keep myself safe here, so sorry if that causes any inconveniences.

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