Argon - VS Code sync [Plugin]

Awesome! This is great news and I am glad to hear that Roblox-TS will be officially supported. It’s truly a gamechanger and while Rojo has been useful I am tired of people acting like it is the best of the best and can’t be improved on anymore, lol.

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It seems like a pretty amazing future for the plugin! I’ve been using rojo for the past few days until the problem got fixed. Glad it’s working now.

Q: Will there be a feature in Argon 2 like the rojo build command in rojo where the command builds the roblox place file?

Please upgrade these icons to the new Roblox Studio icons (if vanilla is not possible) :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible, please check out my reply to an issue you contributed to on GitHub.

I will do my best to implement this feature too!

I’ve a checked a bit on how it’s done. Unfortunately, there’s no simple way of doing it other than using computer language, bytes and stuff. It does look like the only way of doing it. Obviously, good luck on it though!

Well there is already a Rust library for that.

rbx-dom huh? Cheeky-

Well, that’s pretty good. Just to implement the things right? Gl on that then!

I’m curious…

If you’re already planning on implementing a CLI in Rust, maintaining compatibility with Rojo projects, and using rbx-dom (which represents about 60% of the code written for Rojo), why not just contribute to Rojo instead? Rojo is in need of talented and passionate contributors, and we’re very interested in making Rojo more approachable to new users as well as supporting more advanced use cases.