Argument 1 missing or nil error Remote functions

I am trying to return a value from a remote function but output keeps giving me argument 1 missing error
I have tried changing how I return the values but still no luck please help this is very frustrating because there are no tutorials on returning values remote functions


You’re trying to reference the function, but you end up calling it (attempting to set the reference to what’s returned). Get rid of the ().

local bindable ="BindableFunction")

local function test(...)
	return "Passed"

bindable.OnInvoke = test
print(bindable:Invoke("Testing", "the", "function")) -- Testing the function, passed

You’re calling the function instead of binding it, remove the brackets.

There’s also a remote function tutorial available on the old Wiki here


sorry all for not marking solution I went to the gym, so didn’t check… you know can’t skip leg day

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