Arkansas State RP - AS:RP

Arkansas State RP (AS:RP) offers players a captivating State Role-Play experience. Step into the vibrant world of Arkansas State, where every corner is ripe for exploration and every interaction holds the potential for adventure.

Join our thriving community by becoming a part of our main group, Kahewai Studios, where you’ll find fellow enthusiasts ready to embark on this exciting journey with you. For those interested in joining the ranks of law enforcement, simply access the Team Changer in-game and switch to the Cop team to begin your journey as a protector of the peace.

But ASRP isn’t just about playing the game – it’s about becoming a part of something bigger. If you’re interested in taking on a more active role within the community, consider applying to become a Staff Member. Head over to our server, navigate to the applications section, fill out the form, and await further instructions. Staff Members play a crucial role in shaping the ASRP experience, ensuring that every player has a safe and enjoyable time in our virtual world.

Wondering how to spot a Staff Member in-game? It’s simple – all Staff Members have access to special privileges, including staff cars and team affiliations. You can verify their status by checking if they are part of the STAFF group, which can be found at the top of the game description. Rest assured, our dedicated team of moderators works tirelessly to maintain a fair and balanced gaming environment for all.

As ASRP continues to evolve, we remain committed to delivering the best possible experience for our players. While the game is still under development, rest assured that we are hard at work behind the scenes, implementing new features, and fine-tuning existing mechanics to ensure that ASRP remains a dynamic and engaging place to play.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the Eagle Corp Development Team for their invaluable contributions, particularly in the realm of anti-cheat measures. Their tireless efforts help to keep ASRP a safe and enjoyable space for players of all ages.

So come, join us in Arkansas State RP and experience the thrill of role-playing in a dynamic and ever-expanding virtual world. The possibilities are endless, and the adventure awaits!

As of now there is a Google DOC that has been discontinued but the controls and basic information will be provided here.

Computer Controls

Yet to be listed

Xbox Controls

9 - Shoots guns, moves the cars forward, etc.

6 - Aims guns, moves the cars backwards, etc.

2 down - Traffic advisors

2 up - Emergency Lighting

X - Gun reload, Vehicle lights, Sprint (NEW)

Y - Cocks gun, Parking brake

3 - (HOLD) horn, (CLICK) sirens

2 left - Left blinker

2 right - Right blinker

B - Flip vehicle up-right, crouch, (x2) lay down, (hold) get back up

If you find any bugs in the game or need support; please contact me on Twitter, Discord, or here on the Forum.