Armed Containment Area 003 - Change Log [Update 1.6.000.]

Armed Containment Area 003 Change Log

Update: 1.6.000.


Today, I’m happy to announce the release of Update 1.6.000. Whereas it’s not a huge update, it will be helping me test some new tech that will be used in our upcoming new facility. For this change log (which is also our first), I’ve split the updates I’ve made up into fivecategories.


SCP-[DELTA] is a limited time (until the end of December) Christmas themed SCP, that will be utilizing some new technology in terms of both the functionality of the SCP, and the presentation. This SCP will be releasing using a new system that shall be used from here on out for all new SCPs. Basically, the SCP will start very simple in “Phase 1”. Then, every day or two, the SCP will move into it’s next “Phase”, gaining functionality and altering it’s appearance. This means, you could do a test every day on the same SCP, and still learn something new, as it grows and changes, right up until it’s final stage. This, in combination with the new set of original (non-wiki) SCPs we are making, will create quite an interesting experience. Should be fun! As well, this SCP will use some new features from the new facility such as R15, more advanced path finding, more detailed animations, dynamic testing (varied results based on test) and more. Although, it’s important to note that these features will come in it’s “phases”, as phase one is just a simple ball.

2 - New UI

One thing I did not actually plan to add until the last minute, but ended up going all out on was a new UI system. The game pass and SCP information UI are still the same, however the main menu, radio, side menu and more are completely re-done. To explore this feature more, go play the game!

3 - Christmas Decoration

The original point of this update, which then expanded into everything else, is the Christmas decor. The following is a list of what was done:

  • Christmas Trees (CDC, Lobby, Main Menu)
  • Snow (trees, ground, mountains, sky)
  • Santa Hats (statues, etc.)
  • SCP-[DELTA] is a Christmas themed SCP
  • Elves (SCP-[DELTA], Main Menu)
  • Christmas Music (Main Menu, Cafeteria, CDC)

4 - Voxel Lighting

This update is utilizing Roblox’s new Voxel lighting system. It is important to note, however, that ACA-003 was not built with this system in mind, and some areas have less than optimal lighting solutions. If you come across an incredibly bright room that I missed, don’t hesitate to tell me. Thanks!

5 - Miscellaneous

  • Fixed CI spawning on mountains
  • Updated Gate A lobby design
  • Various other things I forget


I’ve recently been getting asked about the New Area, and it’s release date a lot. Whereas the original plan was to release the facility on January 1st for our two year anniversary, it doesn’t look like it will be done by then. Again, it doesn’t look like it will be done, but it could be! To make up for this, I’ll be taking some new tech from the facility, and putting it in 003 updates (like SCP-DELTA). Hopefully we will have it done on time, but if not it shouldn’t be too far delayed. I’ll keep you updated!


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