Armed Containment Area 003 [Pre-1.6.000. Update Logs]

Armed Containment Area 003 Change Log

Update: Pre-1.6


With the release of the new public MaD server, I’ve decided to combine the past few update logs that I still have into one clean document, for organizational purposes. Note that there is many, many, more update logs for past updates, but they have been lost. Whoops! If I end up coming across any, I’ll add to this.

Version 1.5.000.

  • Bug Fixes
  • Uniform Tweaks
  • Permanently Night Time
  • New Loading Screen
  • It’s Fall
  • Roughly 7 or 8 Easter Eggs
  • NPCs around the facility to talk to, hinting at upcoming things. (more to be added soon)
  • Raid System Changes (indoor combat!)
  • Sound Effects Outside

Version 1.5.050.

  • Bug Fixes
  • New SCP(s) [SCP-1437, SCP-902]
  • FAAS Improvements
  • Radio Fixes (removed Nu-7)
  • Additional Raid Changes

Version 1.5.100.

  • Bug Fixes
  • New SCP(s) [SCP-520]
  • Halloween Decorations
  • Halloween Easter Eggs


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