Armed Forces of Ozurkstan Info Board


Established in 1992 by local militias, the AFO is the main fighting force for Ozurkstan’s defensive and offensive operations. When a nation calls, the elite fighting spirit of every Ozurk serviceperson will answer, ready at a moment’s notice.


Enlistment into the Ozurkstan Armed Forces is simple, all you need to do is join the group. You will automatically be given the Private rank upon joining.


As a serviceperson of the military, you will be expected to be your best self. Maintaining expectations also brings you closer to promotions.

  • Discipline - Follow orders, abide by your duties, respect higher ranks and be an honorable soldier. Order and loyalty is key to maintaining an organized and skilled army.

  • Morale - Don’t give up without a fight.

  • Performance - Marksmanship is a key aspect to a good soldier.

  • Common Sense - Overall, try to use common sense to the best of your ability.


  • Private - Starting rank, given to everyone who joins.

  • Private First Class - Soldiers in their early career who have been noted in combat will be awarded this rank.

  • Corporal - First non-commissioned officer rank, has authority to command users below their rank. Users who have been awarded this rank are truly devoted ones.

  • Sergeant - Highest rank obtainable with the “soldier social credit” system, this superior enlisted rank has authority to command users below their rank.

  • Lieutenant - Entry-level officer rank, has authority to command all enlisted ranks and promote privates to corporals. Users promoted to Lieutenant are hand-picked and have proved themselves of being responsible, loyal and worthy of having higher authority than the rest.

  • Captain - Median level officer rank, has authority to command ranks below them and deploy troops if deemed responsible. Captains also have the authorization to select enlisted ranks to become an officer.

  • General - Highest obtainable rank in the armed forces. Generals are responsible for overseeing all military activities, they have authority over all ranks in the armed forces, deploy troops if needed and select enlisted ranks to become officers on top of promoting Lieutenants.

  • Minister of Armed Forces - Head of the armed forces, has authority over all military ranks.

  • Executive - Reserved for the President and Government Chairperson.