ARTA | Department Information


Looking into information regarding our 3 departments? Amazing! Here you can find every detail about our departments that you may need! Below will be 3 sections where you can see our departments.


Operations is the department that manages all operations in the community, both Management and Employees. Operations makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the community, ensuring safety for all members.


  • Operations Director+
  • High skill
  • Ability to attend meetings

CommRel, or more formally known as Community Relations / Public Relations is the ARTA member assistance team. If someone needs to report anyone, anything, or any issue, they go to CommRel for assistance.

Requirements for CommRel:

  • Public Relations Rank+
  • Active
  • Ready to assist any member

The servicing department is in charge of all maintenance on any company-owned vehicle. If an issue on a vehicle occurs, the servicing department is in lead of the case and the management of the vehicle in order for it to be properly fixed as need be.


  • Fleet Servicer+
  • Active
  • Basic knowledge of subway & city bus operation

Thank you,

  • wxvyocxxn, Facilitator & Secondary Founder @ ARTA
  • x_Ivnaari, Facilitator & Primary Founder @ ARTA