Article on Android App: General Info Needs Correction

This article needs correction:

  1. Builders Club no longer exists.

  2. Please reference this image:

  • The list goes in right to left, top to bottom order, however, it loses this trend after “Groups.” the list displays:
    Groups > Inventory > Messages > Events
    However, the order in the app is:
    Groups > Events > Inventory > Messages

  • The “My Feed” section and “Create” section aren’t even listed. They’re entirely omitted, which is strange.

  1. This section on the top bar doesn’t even mention the Notifications option nor the “Compose a Group Message” option nor is there an option to Log Out at the top of the screen.

  2. Since when has there been links to recent blog posts or a friend feed?

In synopsis: This article has lots of issues.