[Artist Needed] Coffee Bean Café


The Coffee Bean Express

:coffee:Welcome to The Coffee Bean Express​:coffee:★Sweetness never goes out of style★:coffee::doughnut:The Coffee Bean | We are currently looking for a Professional Logo Artist | We are really looking forward to your arrival!
Must have a skill of Quality rendering, Outstanding GFX Skills, Very Professional at art, Good reputation
If you are interested you must DM me and have your portfolio ready!

  • Logo (Professional and fancy style)

{Similar To this but not too Similar!}
Make the background transparent, Redesign the Cup, Redesign the V into a BC and Make the White greyish white and make the blue greyish


Artist 2 - 5% – Depends on how much things we may need you to do


  • Founder : Im_FireFly
  • Rank Manager : GrmGirl
  • General Manager : bub_xly
  • Head Executive Staff Manager(s) : BrickBuilder089, TheMasked_Dragon

Development Team

  • Artist : Looking For One

Join Coffee Bean Here!: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5678609

You can contact me at any time on devforum or on discord:

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