Arts Piece / Programmer needed (Open) 3k- 70k

@Squad_Dev Owner/map builder/ui
@Abhay216 blender/map builder/ui
@mightbeyou progarmmer

We are looking for a programmer that can make fruit powers aka devil fruits.

Light / Control
Magu. / gum gum
Ice. / dark
Goro. / and more
Gravity / flame

We only making 4 fruit when the game comes out
After updates there be more fruits coming

Devil fruit Notifiedf
spawer devil fruit
Flame fly
Can’t swim devil fruits
Bolt spawner
Ice / magu walking on water
Light fly
Gravely rock fly
Black legs
Sword 1 /sword 2 / Sword 3
Marine/pirate = ships attack 1k to 10k bountry

Full time job
Must be over 16 age
SD_Studio#8331 discord
Payment 3k to 70k robux
The more you work the more money you get
U get pay when game is done if you did leave the team u don’t get pay

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