Asavi | Rank Information

These are all the limitations and duties of Asavi staff members, please read closely to insure you are informed of your responsibilities.

Holder: Manages funds and protects the group. [1]

President: Founder. [1]

Vice President: Appointed by the President, handles all SR/HR. [1]

Chief Corporate Officer: Handles all relations from HR, PR, ER, etc. [2]

Chief Operations Officer: Helps the CCO with HR, PR, ER, etc. [2]

Executive Director: Directs staff members. [4]

Public Relations Director: Head of the PR department, handles all affiliations. [2]

Coordination Team: Helps the ED direct the MR staff members. [6]

Manager: Moderates the Juicebar, hosts/helps with training sessions. [8]

Supervisor: Helps moderate the Juicebar, hosts/helps with training sessions. [12]

Staff Assistant: Helps LR staff in Juicebar, co-hosts/helps with trainings. [20]

Senior Juicer: Has attended 3 training sessions, working for promotion. [No Limit]

Juicer: Has passed 2 training sessions. [No Limit]

Junior Juicer: Has passed 1 training session. [No Limit]

Trainee: Has passed our application, must attend a training to rank up. [No Limit]