Ascend Forever (playtest, feedback, ideas?)


Ascend Forever

Hey, I’m currently making a game called Ascend Forever (link here). It’s in development for around a month now and I’m the only one developing it.
It’s about… just ascending forever - trying not to fall - while competiting to be on top of the leaderboard - and some more stuff.

Here’s how you can help

Now, I’ve tried to make it good since its early versions and I’ve been updating it, but I can’t make it perfect without you guys.

I need your feedback, opinions, ideas, maybe even tell me something that you don’t like, something that you would like to see in the game… even bug reports if you dare :sunglasses:

Try the game if you want to, and give me any feedback as said above in return.

Thank you for playing :+1:

are you forcing me to play it?

Absolutely not, it’s up to you if you actually try it :upside_down_face: But if you do, please give me some real feedback, really, it helps :slight_smile:


Interesting game concept, but will get bored over time and leave.

I would ( personally ) make this a racing game with gamemodes like when everyone jumps on the same blocks and the blocks behind them disappear, the last 2 players remaining win. Or a color block one and if you win you ascend BUT theirs even more colors that you have to get on, and the timer speeds up.

Also clip.


Thank you for your opinion.

Sorry for being late. Yeah, I was planning on adding a speedrunning mode before, but I’m kinda busy with other things now. You’re right about it being a bit boring when you play it too much, but your ideas might make an idea in my head to keep it not boring.

The bug you posted in the screenshot is something I can fix now. I didn’t think people would move their camera in the background around the beginning of development. But I guess you noticed :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the post


Also don’t know if you were confused but that is UI with images, I only forgot to cover the top bar since UI positions start below it.

Explorer view of the tutorial UI:

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this game is cool - definitely has potential to ruin peoples day :wink:
the creator is chill aswell

two things i wanna see is a hardcore mode - if you die, you get banned from the game for an hour or so, and possibly more animations like the platforms bobbing up and down

edit: pog


Cool idea. Simply executed. One prob I found was that the Dark Mode button doesn;t toggle. It jsut turns it off and never on again

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Yeah that’s a weird bug that was probably created yesterday. It can’t find a part that is on the server but it’s not on the client for some reason. I’ll try to take a look at that later this day.

EDIT: Actually I found the issue now. Fixed but not yet released