Ascension Duels - Update Log

Update Log

Beta 1.01 Hotfix

  • Sun map removed
  • Fixed a problem where earnings wouldn’t show the 3x xp that was being earned
  • Fixed a problem where the stud logger would be delayed and show inaccurate distances
  • Fixed a problem where you could not buy coins in the buy coins menu
  • Fixed a problem that would lead to duel pads breaking sometimes relating to bets
  • Fixed a problem that would lead to duping coins in bets
  • Fixed a problem where your bet amount would be your previous bet in the betting UI

Previous Versions

Beta 1.0


  • Ties are now accurately displayed under the duel leaderboard
  • The current round is now displayed as well as the win condition for the current duel
  • FFA arena text is now displayed on a circular board, and the text rotates
  • FFA Map change time reduced to 15 minutes
  • Personal match stats are now tracked for wins and losses
  • Personal stats can be reset at your personal stat board
  • Two new conveyors for going around the map in an easier way
  • Tons of new graphics around the map
  • New cinematic intro added once you join the game, showing various areas around the map
  • Spawns are now centralized to spawn with your friends
  • Statues of all the remaining combatants of the Rumbrum Umbra are displayed above the FFA arena (there are elevators to reach it)
  • Tons of new audio for all of the UIs
  • Stud logs are now shown on the front of dueling pads to show the range + ping of when you died]
  • Intro music + ambient sound
  • A new pad has been added (Hotel) and the replay zone has been removed

Economy Additions

  • A shop to buy items, currently selling swords to represent your houses, as well as some common titles, and lootboxes
  • Lootbox system where you can purchase lootboxes and open them to acquire items of various tiers
  • There are currently a total of 63 items in the game, with many many more to come
  • Betting on matches when you stand nearby an ongoing pad


  • Optimizations across the game
  • Fixed a problem where titles would not update correctly on respawn
  • Fixed a problem where your name wouldn’t display the correct color
  • Fixed an issue where the post match summary wouldn’t show
  • Various other fixes
Pre-Beta Versions

Much of the logs from this point and earlier have been lost, this what I could recover.

  • Fixed a bug where tags would sometimes show the wrong gradient
  • Fixed a bug where you could add the same person to your blacklist twice
  • Fixed a bug where someone leaving while blacklisted would break the booth
  • Fixed a bug where tieing would give stats and XP, allowing people to farm stats
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the team color would stay around after the duel had completed
  • Fixed a MAJOR internal bug of registering deaths twice
  • Fixed a bug where internally it would improperly register if you were in the FFA arena or not
  • Changed how the FFA pad detection works, should be more efficient & precise now
  • When you enter a duel, there is now an invisible wall to stop you from entering the FFA pad if you choose to walk there while your duel is ongoing
  • A new leaderboard for duels, let us knew feedback on this
  • UI State Manager, stops people from opening multiple interfaces ontop of eachother
  • Name plates are now somewhat auto-offset based on the size of your hats (meant to help with praetorian uniforms)
  • There is a timer for the FFA map rotations
  • The leaderboard area has been built up a bit more
  • You can now do !leaderboard to teleport to the leaderboards
  • Name colors now change depending on your team in a duel
  • Player titles can now be given (or earned) based on User ID
  • Game is MUCH less laggy
  • Hover button when hovering over a booth to purchase it - Can only purchase booths when within a certain distance
  • New UI animations to polish a lot of the UIs
  • Fixed bug where spamming ready would break pads
  • Kills in FFA and Duels no longer give coins, only XP
  • FFA now gives 20% of the XP that a duel kill gives
  • New board has been implemented for each of the pads
  • When standing on pads, it now changes color to represent each player’s status (grey = neutral, white = occupied, green = readied)
  • Fixed UI bug for voting
  • New FFA maps that rotate every 10 minutes
  • If more then 50% of the duel is readied up, the duel can start now
  • Custom player list has been added to replace the ROBLOX player list
  • Statistics for Kills and Deaths are properly tracked
  • Titles above each player’s head to replace the ROBLOX name title
  • Previously non-functional booths are now functional and can be purchased with coins as well as edited to fit the advertising standards of any group
  • Previously non-functional advertisements are now functional and can also be purchased with coins to advertise various image shapes
  • Brand new coin design
  • Brand new logo
  • You can now purchase coins
  • Duel cages can no longer be glitched through (you can try)
  • Leaderboards for Kills & Deaths
  • Fixed trees into unions
  • Fixed teaming bug after a duel was completed
  • Removed collision from multiple parts on the outer wall
  • Added a lot of quality of life props / decorations
  • Booths (non-functional) have been added
  • New leaderboard (non-functional) has been added
  • Central FFA arena (functional) has been added
  • Command to teleport to any of the dueling areas: ! (ex: !alpha)
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