Ash | UI Designer

Hi, I’m Ash. I’m semi-experienced in UI Designing. Besides my work, I’m currently a student residing in the East Midlands and aspire to divulge in Computer Science & Software Engineering. I study Business and Economics to high standard and am preparing myself to go further into higher education. Keep in mind I’m still a young teenager.


Kohaú Mockup Designs - July 2019


Animations: Mocap - July 2019


Verde Commission - August 2019


Vintesque Commission - August 2019

Work I do in my free time - August 2019

I’m still a student and I pay for my own expenses. I charge 15,000R$+ per project.
If it’s a small task; I’ll accept a payment of 2,000R$+

If you are looking for a USD payment, I’ll take the USD equivalent of what I’d charge accordingly in Robux.

Depending on the task, I’ll adjust myself to take payment at the time you’d prefer; before or when I finish your task.

You can contact me here on DevForums or @onkyi_rblx on Twitter, as for Discord:
ash.#4380 is the place to go, however please leave your discord in the comments as I can lose track of who is trying to contact me.

Commissions are open for specific tasks currently, I’m not looking for long-term placement.


I 100% would hire Vales, he as great customer service and respond right when you need him. He gets his work done at a fair time, and will adjust anything to you expectations. Great at what he does!


Can vouch for Vales, he is very respectable and a good friend of mine personally. Plus, his UI’s are top notch and professional, with a great CV to back everything up. I can already tell that this thread will receive many similar comments like this one.


I can personally vouch for Ash. He’s incredibly reliable and talented in his field.
He is skilled in making unique, intuitive and impressive User Interfaces.

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Ash is a really good UI designer, I can vouch for that. When he worked for a group I was also working for, he acted really professional, dedicated and was really strict about his deadlines and he always met them. He works with passion and he always puts his best efforts in his commissions. You will not regret hiring him.


I’ve updated the portfolio, and these commissions are ongoing, there will be more updates and currently my commissions are closed. Thank you for the nice comments and interest.


Planning to work with @ashinfection on a project. So far, his work seems to be outstanding. Has an amazing work ethic. 100% vouch for him.

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@DEMOLURKS is a great, polite, trustworthy and talented guy. I recommend hiring him. :slight_smile:

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Vals is one of the most sweetest, kindest, friendliest people that you will ever meet. He works with you to create the UI designs of your dreams. I would totally recommend hiring him!

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@DEMOLURKS is a very talented designer. I highly recommend hiring him.
You will be completely satisfied with not only with his services but also with the final result of the User Interfaces he designed for your game.

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Added another example, hope you like it!

(it is inside “Work I do in my free time”)

Open me!


Sent a friend request on discord. (AsunaKoB#2560)

Some new surprises added to my portfolio!

Great portfolio! Would hire him in the future projects :heart:


Demolurks has really impressive renders and UI! I’ll consider hiring in the future, sent a friend request (PolyCrunch#9999)

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I personally recommend Ash, he is a great UI designer and is a great overall person to work with. I have no doubts that he will bring you his best work if you were to hire him.

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Spotify covers?! How did it get to this? Check them out!
Also, commissions are closed.

Spotify Covers


Definitely recommended even though I am a UI designer.

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Updated payment due to spike in demand; now commissions are worthwhile for the most part.

I commissioned @DEMOLURKS to work on the entire user interface for my upcoming game “Obby World”, and he’s truly terrific at what he does. He has a tremendous work ethic, and creates some of the finest modern user interfaces that I’ve seen on Roblox.

Highly highly recommend!

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