AshCr4ft - 3D Modeling/UGC + Building Portfolio


Hey! I’m a 17 year old 3D Environment Artist on Roblox! I’m known for building houses and modeling furniture, as well as modeling a bunch of assets and props in popular games, such as Welcome to Bloxburg, Adopt Me, and Robloxian High School. I’ve also contributed to the 6th Annual Bloxy Awards, which was the first time I’ve worked on a Roblox event.

I’ve been on Roblox since 2010, been building since 2012, and I’ve been 3D Modeling since 2017, so I’ve got a lot of experience under my belt :sunglasses:


Everything seen below is modeled by myself using Blender, unless stated otherwise.

3D Models and Scenes(Rendered)

Tesla Roadster modeled by me, background scenery is the Bloxy Awards Red Carpet

6th Annual Bloxy Awards Lobby was a collab between myself, @WhoToTrus, and @TrustMeImRussian

3D Assets (Imported)

Adopt Me

Eviction Notice

Welcome to Bloxburg

Bloxy Awards Chandelier

Robloxian High School

Secret Projects



UGC Items

Collab with Builder_Boy:

I should be available most of the time if school doesn’t get in the way. I work the best during weekends, and pretty slow on weekdays. I rarely miss deadlines, and if I do, it’s usually pushed back a day or two, nothing too extreme.


Prices are definitely negotiable. Depending on how I feel about a commission, I might determine a price after I’m done in order to make up a good price to accommodate for how much I’ve worked on the commission, because I usually have a difficult time with determining prices before I start on a project.
EDIT: I’ve gotten better at determining prices now, so I may just determine the price before I start.

I only accept Robux; I don’t do paypal commissions as of yet, but I may in the future.

I’m on discord mostly all of the time so the best way of contact would be shooting me a DM there:

Twitter DMs work too:

Thanks for checking out my portfolio! :smile:


great work! in-conclusion:we stan


dang man, your models are beautiful.


10/10 Great person to work with!


Those are the brightest lampshades I’ve ever seen.

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THIS :clap: IS :clap: SUPER :clap: HOT :clap:

I could write a massive paragraph, but I think everything has already been said on the tin.
Fantastic modelling, and some really good experience underneath your belt also!


Ash your models are very creative and well done. :clap:

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These are some of the most realistic houses I’ve seen on Roblox. Awesome job, except the only thing that made it look a bit more robloxy, were the chairs. Take some time to create better chairs and your work will be even more top notch

I’m not talking about the comissioned chairs, as they were probably meant to look like that

Um, everything looks good but I feel like a few of your renders I’ve seen done before. In tutorials and such… Which makes me a little suspicious how many things you actually made by your self and which are based of tutorials.

first render pic i definitely learned from a tutorial:

the rest i modeled myself :slight_smile: (some with the help from references, but i use references in most of the stuff i model.)


Wow, these are awesome! Great work, awesome portfolio :slight_smile:

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How I feel about your work? It is insane and has amazingly high quality! I don’t particularly like builds a lot of people make due to the lack of detail. But I love the models and builds you make. I honestly can see you as a real life architect, take that as a compliment. Your builds are insane!

P.s. The picture of the work for the Bloxy lobby seems to be a thumbnail since it has text on it seeming to identify as a place thumbnail? Do you mind telling me who made that?

i rendered the thumbnail, and i already credited the builders underneath the picture

Hey, I sent you a friend request on discord. Please accept me!

I sent you a friend request on Discord!

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