Ask to save *before* connecting to ROBLOX

Fairly often (more often than you would think), I end up wanting to close Studio without saving the place. However, ROBLOX attempts to connect to the internet before giving you that prompt.

Even on my 50 Mbps university download speed, I was sitting in one place for a good 30 seconds before the “Would you like to save” menu popped up, and when I’m not even connected to the internet, I have to Ctrl+Shift+Esc and end ROBLOX’s task because it can never connect and freezes. Would you please make it to where ROBLOX doesn’t attempt to connect until after we select that we want to save?

I don’t save with that window 100% of the time, most of the time I save locally, and when I don’t I likely won’t upload the latest version of the place. [size=2](Since it’s more than likely not stable, I usually stop working when I run into a new large problem and I’ve been working too long so I can get a fresh prospective later.)[/size]

That window does usually causes studio to hang a moment while it loads, but it’s usually only for a few seconds. The same goes for any interaction with the internet in roblox studio. (inserting a model, publishing a place, etc.)

A few seconds as in 30, or indefinitely without a connection. It shouldn’t try to connect unless you’re saving – end of story.

It does cause problems like that if I’m connected to my router, but not the internet.

Yeah I agree. It should have a prompt before making the call.

Agreed. Wanted to exit something on my netbook with no Wi-Fi, and I had to basically crash it kinda via Task Manager. :stuck_out_tongue:

Today it decided to straight up die on me, and I’m hard lined into my router.

I have a fix for this coming out. We made the dialog native. Here I was trying to be all secretive about it so it’d be a surprise. Ah well. We hope to release it in the next week.

Update: This is currently enabled.

I think this broke something? I can’t upload my place from file…

Check your firewall and anti-virus settings. Is there a message when it fails? This should not affect place uploads.

Check your firewall and anti-virus settings. Is there a message when it fails? This should not affect place uploads.[/quote]

Usually I don’t get a message, but after looking again it says I’m in “Offline Mode” so I’m not exactly sure how to change that. I’ll try looking at my settings again or something. (My Computer is certainly connected to the internet)

ROBLOX is also on the allowed list for my firewall, so there should be no problems with that. (I also disabled my firewall just to test, and got the same result, no ability to upload my place)

Oh, also, uploading a place that was opened using the “Edit” button is completely fine.