Asking for filtering eneble

hello guys im wondering rn bcuz of filtering enable i know how to script but i stop scripting in 1 months or 2 idk but we need to use remote event ?? bcuz i make a code this is the code

local bigbox = workspace.BigBox

local button = script.Parent

	bigbox.BrickColor = BrickColor.Random()

and its already filtering enabled what was happen??

when i tern to play its changing but when im in server its changed too

btw sorry for my grammar im filipino so english is not my first language

I understand you wanna make it so when a player presses a GUI button a part changes color for everyone? If so, yes, you have to use RemoteEvents: RemoteEvent

Yes I know how to use and when need to use it but now the script that showed it’s already filtering enebled that’s why I wondering

Filtering Disabled was removed a few years ago, now games are only FE.

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