Assessment Of My Music

Hello Everyone!
I Just made this recently
What can be improved in this track?



It sounds nice but the rythm and the main theme aren’t in sync.


Essentially what @snowysnowy2015 said, I would work on matching up the Beat to your melody.

Another thing is I can never tell what the next note of the melody is going to be, it almost feels a bit random, it’d be a good idea to get a solid, recognisable pattern going (unless you were going for something more abstract/edgy)

I like the sounds and all that and the general idea of the track is nice, keep working at it, I’ve done a few tracks before and trust me you only get better with practise, music is easy to create but it can be super difficult to make it sound good. Best of luck :slight_smile:

(EDIT: I noticed the bass comes in on time with the beat, but the distance between the melody notes are a bit random, try to normalise them if you can)


I think I fixed it Snowy.
What do you think?

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It sounds much better! There are still a few minor improvements that could be made but it is greatly improved!

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The melody feels a bit slow. You can fix this by writing a bunch of them until you have one that works.

Also, you might want to change that lead sound to something more interesting. It will need to sound tight to your drum and bass.

One thing that you can add is maybe a pad sound.


Thank you so much!
I think I caught the minor errors, I’ll clean them up

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I like the fixed version, Still needs a few improvements because once again, the notes dont really match up, But still very decent!