Asset Privacy in the Library

Thanks so much!!!


I embarrassingly and admittedly loved the ability to snoop through players’ inventories for assets for usable assets temporarily (mostly only audio, nothing else). That’s not to say that I’m against this update though - it certainly does bring joy to my eyes.

Asset privacy is good for many reasons:

  • Keeping thieves like me from snooping inventories
  • Being able to keep your future plans a secret
  • Being able to comply with third-party licensing (especially when purchasing assets)
  • hiding your messy inventory full of hundreds of pages of scrapped work

Appreciate the update. I’m looking forward to know what else Roblox has in store for us on the asset forefront.


No more leaked assets in the library


This update is appreciated, as it IS a huge milestone. Now Developer’s have reassurance that any surprise update’s aren’t leaked.

Thanks, ROBLOX!


Sad but good sad since it broke the legacy catalog-


This is a step in the right direction. Discoverability is not as important as something like solving the private module issue well. I think overall the feedback here should help guide the team in the right direction.

Good change and good direction.


Yes, this is a great first step!


In case you werent aware, thats why this update had to come about-- so developers like yourself cant steal assets (such as music) without permission.

This update is a huge positive and I’m excited to have better inventory protection


No no, I’m very much aware and this update has it’s merit as I mentioned below - including respecting third party licensing requirements if purchasing from asset stores. I never spoke ill of this update - it’s very much welcome. Check out my whole response.

I’m just saying that in the past, yes I have done that, but I’m sure a majority of developers out there have as well at least once. It’s a good combat mechanism against asset theft, to have asset privacy and to respect IP/purchases/licenses, among other things.

It was fun to listen to audios others had, sometimes I did use them. Though on the same side, I was wondering when some form of asset security could be put into place. So this update is great on it’s own.

I’m looking forward to seeing how else Roblox can increase productivity and enhance the developer experience.


No, there is a way they can solve that issue, without affecting other public assets.

If a player sets their inventory to be private, then all of their asset creations should not be accessible. The item pages should say “You don’t have permission to view this item” for anything that was uploaded by the user.


The one good thing I used it for was finding specific clothing items (ex: pirate or specific time frame) for npcs, simply because it showed stuff other then the 1000s of copys of the same thing. Sometimes I was able to actually find stuff I was looking for, now its going to be hard to do, unless something is done with all those unnecessary copies. That and audio for my private builds that i couldn’tfind otherwise.

But all that a side its good this was done. :+1:

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This is definitely a step in the right direction for the privacy of developer’s assets.

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This is really amazing! I never thought this would happen on Roblox, this will give developers much more of the peace of mind we need to upload our expensive and/or work intensive assets. While they can still be unpreventably taken by exploits, a move like this should stop a massive chunk of the asset theft that’s going on right now.


I don’t know if this issue has already been resolved, but there was a bug I found right after the removal (and wayyy before this announcement) where you could still discover unavailable items in the library through JSON using Froast’s library search endpoint.


Safety first… for the games!

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Please report issues like that to the Exploit Reports category.


:rofl: I’m kind of upset that this post was flagged lol.

But on a serious note, I am glad that Roblox is taking privacy more seriously, and I am happy to see Roblox improving their platform at a higher rate then ever before.


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Hi Developers,

We have received reports of workarounds which allow users to find private library assets. At the moment, we do not have a clean solution for these issues as our systems were not designed with this in mind. The good news is we are starting to discuss how to tackle this problem systematically—not just in the library, but across the entire product—and will keep you informed as this progresses.