Asset thumbnails often fail to load in Avatar/Inventory menus

Inventory Shirts, Pants and Outfit thumbnails are failing to load in very large numbers, making avatar customization real difficult. On the website, in the avatar customization and inventory, this started happening a bit over a week ago, give or take a day. They seem to be visible in the catalog just fine, but not the inventory.


I’m not sure how to get someone else to replicate it as it just suddenly started happening for me.

System specs:

I am running Google Chrome, Version 80.0.3987.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)

No browser extensions.
I am located in Saskatchewan Canada.

It happens quite consistently, but occasionally it will be normal for a time.
I’ve also noticed some user-thumbnails/icons will also do this when they appear in my friends-list or friends-playing bar, but not nearly as often as assets.
This doesn’t happen with accessories.

The same thing is happening to me when i try to redraw an avatar or i look at costumes, i am using Microsoft Edge.

This didn’t happen before to me.

Did you already try clearing your browser cache?

Hello, the reason for this was because yesterday the Akamai CDN servers (Image Servers) took too long to display assuming it timed out somewhere or that there might have been an DoS attack at Akamai.

As you can read in the bug report, this has been happening for the user for over a week.