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Hey there! I’m a Roblox builder that mainly makes furniture, decorations, and small models in Roblox Studio. I’m trying to get feedback on my builds so I can improve as a builder. My showcase with some of my assets are below. If you have any feedback you can reply to this post on the DevForums, my other contact information is below.

Discord: Bzoit#3317
Twitter: @Bzoit9

Hey! I just took a look into your game and I liked your assets, I’m not the best on this part and I clearly found them interesting. You’ve done multiples theme and I more the lab one.

But, I think that you could try to make them look a bit less blocky than currently (using wedge cylinder and union for make it look more smooth.

By exemple,
instead of

Out of that, your work are great and I’m sure you’ll make it even better in the future, good luck in it and I hope to see more of your works in the future.

Have a nice day.

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I definitely like the simplicity in each models they look unique, the only thing that I’ll improve is the couch and book shelves, I see you resized one and made it have a square kind of shape, maybe throw a few items on it trophy’s, candles, cloths something to make it different from the other shelves you’ve done if I’m not mistaken those are book shelves?

While these builds look nice, since your going for a simplicity style, these models are well made I would advise keep creating different types of items that would be used in a house or for a game.

I would advise to keep developing more in your style your going for improve the couch more as it’s quite blocky and small looking. Consider making asset packs featuring different items, maybe a furniture pack, lab pack, and more.

I will be giving feedback on the most important assets.


These crates are just reskins of each-other, I think the best looking crate is probably the wooden one, the steel one, and last but not least the rusty crate. (Don’t use rust in your builds it looks ugly, sorry)

Crates BAD.PNG


The money and the golden bars are detailed, you should of added some decals to the top of the money, like the top of a one dollar bill to give some more detail but it’s fine like that, I also wish it was lighted up a bit more, just add a point light or something it’s really dark.

Scientific Study stand

This is my favourite asset yet, I hope you do more builds in this style, there’s lots to look at and I think
a lot of time went into that asset.


Not the most original one but it was executed really well, it’s nice to look at and the edges are really clean, you could use this in a future house you might build, this is my second favourite asset.

Feedback not related to the assets

One question, why is there an admin gamepass? It seems like this was unnecessary, you should make a donator gamepass which more people would buy, but why a admin gamepass.
Also I think this was a tree but I’m not sure, I think you forgot to anchor this.

Overall Feedback

I think this is good for someone just starting out I think you should do more in the Scientific theme since that’s the theme your best at, I would give your assets a 6/10, there is certainly room for improvement such as making your corners cleaner, as @gasppirateur1113 said, I wish you well and hope you will get better in the future, have a good day.

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I didn’t put an Admin gamepass in the game, and that gamepass is not showing up for me so I don’t know what’s going on.