Assistance With Transferring Game From Profile to Group

Hey, I’m not too sure if this is the correct category but I guess it falls under UX given that I would like this to go as smoothly as possible for my players. Basically, I would like to transfer my game which is hosted on my profile (it has an average concurrent player count of around 700 - 800 at most times) and was wondering if anybody has went through with this before and if so, how they did it.

I want the disruption caused by the transfer to my players to be as minimal as possible, but I understand even with upmost care taken to ensure that the transfer process is carried out as seamlessly as possible, some players will undoubtedly be confused by the entire ordeal.

Even at that, I am more worried about how ROBLOX itself will deal with the change to my game. Currently, I am planning to convert the current game hosted on my profile to a “transfer hub” which displays a GUI on join explaining the change as concisely as possible while also showing the progress on the transfer. Basically, I collect all data I need from the current DataStores, toss it into a dictionary, serialize the dictionary with HttpService:JSONEncode() and use TeleportService:TeleportAsync() with the TeleportOptions instance having the teleportData set to the serialized JSON to transport the player to the new place in the group. When they are teleported to the new game, it will have some logic to interpret the data from the teleportData passed through. My question is, will ROBLOX flag my game as a bait and switch / botted title or something similar, even internally in their algorithm, if I start to teleport players away from the old game? if not, will my new group game get re-introduced into similar sorts that my profile version was in? how do I ensure that the downtime for my income and playerbase is minimized?

Basically I just want to ensure that I lose as few players as possible through this game transition process and keep my playerbase / have my new game get re-introduced into sorts, but I am unsure of the technicalities and semantics involved.

Short answer is no, to keep it simple.

The new game will need time and consistent players, like before, to get on those sorts again.

What you had as your idea actually would be the way to minimize the damage. As long as players don’t lose progress, they won’t be very frustrated and will just play the new game.

Thanks! That’s reassuring to know.

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