Astrametr - GFX Designer

Hello! My name is Astrametr and I am a Graphics Designer in Roblox, having done it for 2 years on and off and recently restarting it as a hobby around 6 months ago. Art/Graphics Design has always been a hobby for me which is why I started doing Graphics Design in the first place, in order to both express my creativity and being able to meet my clients needs. I joined ROBLOX on October 13th 2013 and since have been very keen on improving my GFX; whether it is ads (banners skyscrapers,) or game icons/thumbnails so that I am able to gain both more knowledge and confidence within this field.

I need some help on my prices for each GFX in order to discuss with my future clients who I am willing to do Graphic Design for. Below I have shown my portfolio in order to get your help on prices so that when discussing with a client, I am confident in what prices will be provided for my art.

You are also able to contact me on discord: Taipan#9347

Thank you for reading!



Hey there!

Unfortunately, via recent rules updates to the forums you are no longer allowed to ask for pricing help on the forum itself. They are plenty of online communities on discord and other places where you can request this information, however the Developer Forums are no longer one of them.

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Ah okay, thank you very much for that and thank you for informing me for future reference.