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Welcome to Astronaut Cafe Handbook :wave:
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We are a roleplay cafe that we try to be as fast as we can! Just like a rocket ship.



Training Guide | Astronaut Cafe - Google Docs

Rules & Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines


  • Exploiting will be an instant ban without an option of appealing.
  • Bypassing the filter will lead to an instant ban.
  • Everyone in game is to be treated with respect.
  • Sharing or asking for any personal information about yourself or others will not be tolerated.
  • Advertising a separate group/game/other is not tolerated (talking about other groups in a way that isn’t advertising is perfectly fine).
  • Spamming will lead to a removal from the server and is in no way allowed.
  • Refrain from trash talking other groups or other people.
  • Follow Roblox’s Terms of Use.

Private Server Rules & Exceptions (Cafe)

  • Nobody is required to use grammar.
  • You are not obligated to attend to any duty in a private server.
  • You may do as you wish in a private server within moderation.
  • Exploiting is still strictly prohibited.
  • Bypassing is still strictly prohibited.
  • Do not share or ask for personal information.
  • Follow Roblox’s Terms of Use.
Who Are We

Who are we?

Astronaut Cafe is a cafe-based group offering a wide variety of different foods, drinks, and snacks! At our cafe, you can order from one of our lovely staff members.

Astronaut Cafe was founded by anxvew at the very start of 2022.



Session Schedule

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