AsyncRENDER | Make your games immeris

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your ““volumetric”” clouds is wack, they’re obviously 2d, barely visible and can’t even move.

lighting looks wack too and does not improve immersion
also gonna repeat that fine-tuned lighting is better than preset lighting

the name makes 0 sense too, why is there “async” in the name, why is “render” all uppercase and why is it even in the name when it’s not rendering anything?


This is very cool! I could use this when I’m too lazy to make my own lighting, good work!

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I have a suggestion! With “SettingsHelp”, just make it one module with categories for the settings it helps with.

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Your reply is a bit rude but I have to agree with your point on the name.

Why is there Async when nothing asynchronous is happening. And why is there Render in it too? Shouldn’t this be called “Nice Lighting Preset” or something?

Also your thing just creates post processing effects and has what it seems to be a stolen ragdoll script. Plus there are already volumetric clouds on Roblox any ways so what’s the point?

And there are 2 scripts that do nothing but print.

What’s the point of a resource that just makes some lighting changes that you can already do without the hassle of inserting it?

This has to be the most useless resource ever.


I mean they can name it what ever they want, so no need to be harsh.

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Your reply is honestly overall rude.

I understand it is constructive critism but there is no constructive in there. There actually is a hastle
of putting lighting effects.

This saves you time if you want perfect lighting effects it takes time, this “preset” does it for you very

It has very easy to edit code, and you can edit the settings. I’d like to see something from you that isn’t
completely useless. Again “Constructive Critism”.

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Where have I said anything rude?

Your contradicting yourself

This doesn’t save you time and it’s not “perfect” by any means.

Great you asked! Go to my profile and take a look at all the useful resources I have made for the devforum community! Maybe you could use some of them too!

But on a serious note this resource isn’t very useful because it’s extremely basic with very little features and horrible coding etiquette. Plus there is already a plugin 100000000x better here: Movie Lighting Plugin - Professional pre-made lighting!

Plus the name has nothing to do with the resource.


So, I looked at some of your scripts.

-- Require Our Locals
local Workspace_ = game:GetService("Workspace")
local StaterPack = game:GetService("Workspace")
local StaterGui = game:GetService("StarterGui")
local ServerScriptService = game:GetService("ServerScriptService")
local Lighting = game:GetService("Lighting")
-- Easy script for beginners to learn off this.
blur ="BlurEffect", Lighting)
blur.Size = 3

Some of them use bad practices such as using the 2nd paramater of, setting the parent first.
Always, set the parent last.

Also, it seems like there are annotations explaining what the script is doing and how it will help people learning lua.
“Easy script for beginners to learn off this.”
“Require Our Locals”

-- Editing this is very very easy, but if you do need help contact me LightDev#0001

This is another example of this, it almost seems like you did not write this code… This script is clearly from a youtube video or the toolbox.

A lot of people are complaining about the name. I don’t exactly care, it’s just that it makes it seem like you put complex words in the title to make it seem official. Since this is not a rendering service or using async.

Overall, I don’t think this is your resource. It also has bad practices in it. I am not trying to be rude at all, this is just what I am thinking at the moment.

Correct me if I am wrong about the scripts not being yours.


Please don’t take this as if I’m attacking you, but your model is very poorly managed. You don’t need this many scripts for such a simple resource.

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I also think he took the ragdoll script because it seems very familiar.

It’s clear that he took most of the scripts. And it seems like a lot of the scripts were made by the same person.
It is using the same annotations like “Requiring our locals” in most. And in one of them it references a discord user to contact in case you don’t know how to edit the script.

At this point, I would just flag the post. This is not his resource.

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I usually don’t post comments that are against the given resource but this crosses the line.

I assumed by the title this would be something to do with either asynchronous or rendering. This has nothing to do with either words (Albeit its a Post Processing resource, but that’s not necessarily rendering related).
By the looks of it, this is just a simple lighting pack and a 2D Cloud texture.

These resources do not help developers, rather it hinders our experience because it floods the community resources with mediocre. Its becoming increasingly harder to find useful resources when you have to read through a potentially useful thread, only to find its a simple “Realism Enhancer”.



not my script? Are you serious?
it is literally the most worst code lazyness I have ever
done… I just made it for myself to be lazy with lighting
if I need to put it in an other game. I decided to share it
with yall and now im terminated from youtube
stop harrasing me.

The reason I made it have so many scripts is because if you wanted
to delete a script you could instead of going into one big script.

The video is unavailable I can’t view it

I’m just curious, is there any reason we would want to set the parent last? I’ve been doing this and I’m kinda concerned.

I guess for things such as an Explosion, it’s best to parent it last because when you parent it, the explosion goes off, so it’s best to configure it first, then parent it later. Same principle follows for other things with destructive, or must-be-adjusted properties.

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They made a PSA about practices.

Link: PSA: Don't use with parent argument

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First of all, you don’t have to freak out: “not my script? Are you serious?”

Secondly, if you did not want people giving you advice about your scripts you shouldn’t have posted it.
If you knew you did a lazy job on it and included bad practices, expect to hear constructive criticism.
And in case you want this link to fix one of your scripts, here you go:

None of us are harassing you.
Post a resource on the dev forum = People giving you constructive criticism on how to make it better

Hope this clears things up.

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