Athena's Garden - Public Handbook

𝓐𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓷𝓪’𝓼 𝓖𝓪𝓻𝓭𝓮𝓷

Welcome to Athena’s Garden! This handbook is aimed at the public in order to hopefully get rid of most questions that they may have. It also contains vital information for our community, so it is highly recommended to review it if you aim to work higher into the ranks of our staff.

We’ll be dividing this into 3 parts! View them below, click the arrow to expand.

Rank Information

Restaurant Customer
A user who has just joined the group.

Celebrity Guest
A user who owns the “Celebrity” gamepass, receives special benefits in-game.

Allied Representative
Users who are representative of our alliances. They mainly communicate with Public relations to host special events in collaboration with Athena’s.

Restaurant Extraordinaire
Users who are either previous Management members or were hand chosen by the chairpeople to receive the role. Those who hold it are dear to the Athena’s Garden community, and greatly helped it at some point.

Awaiting Training
These users have recently passed an interview and are preparing to begin their staff journey at Athena’s. They must attend a training in order to progress.

Restaurant Server
These users have successfully passed their training and have chosen the route of a server.

Restaurant Chef
These users have successfully completed their training and have chosen the Chef route.

Experienced Server
This rank is provided once a Server has successfully obtained 250 Staff Experience.

Experienced Chef
This rank is provided once a Chef has successfully obtained 250 Staff Experience.

Adept Server
This rank is provided once a Server has successfully obtained 400 Staff Experience.

Adept Chef
This rank is provided once a Chef has successfully obtained 400 Staff Experience.

Coordinative Staff
These are very experienced members who have proven themselves as a staff member. They have made countless contributions to Athena’s Garden and are on the road to Management.

Further ranks will not be disclosed here as they are confidential to the Staff Relations team.

Rules and Regulations

1. Respect
Here at Athena’s Garden, we focus heavily on respect and politeness. Treat everyone, staff, management, and guests, with the utmost level of respect. [L1]
2. Communication
Athena’s Garden operates solely in English, unless a member of Management says otherwise. It is assumed that all visitors will speak English, as this is the only language we can fully moderate. [L2]
3. Equality
Treat everyone with equality. Do not discriminate others based on outlying factors. All members are equal at Athena’s, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, etcetera. [L3]
4. Bypassing
It is expected that you speak in accordance with Roblox Terms of Service and never attempt to bypass the chat filter. [L3]
5. Spamming
Flooding/Spamming our in-game chat is a severe offense. Spamming is considered 2+ lines of repeated text, sent 3 or more times. [L4]
6. Exploiting
Attempting to hack or exploit in any of our experiences is a punishable offense. This includes glitching. [L4]
7. Suggestive Content
Content that may be considered suggestive or not for a child audience is strictly prohibited. [L3]
8. Further Offense
In the end, our regulations are mainly up to the discretion of our Management team. Have common sense and be kind to all.

Level Key
L1 = Level one. Warning → Kick → Ban
L2 = Level two. Kick → Ban → Ban → Pban
L3 = Level three. Ban → Pban
L4 = Level four. Pban.

Punishment Appeals

There is a difference between an appeal and a false punishment! If you believe you were punished falsely, open a Staff Relations ticket.

Blacklists are very, and we mean VERY, rarely appealable. You are free to direct your appeal to a Chairperson and it will be assessed by our higher-ups, but don’t expect it to be accepted. (blacklists include a ban from our communications, so you must send a friend request to a chairperson via our contact information found later in the handbook)

Permanent Bans
These bans can only be appealed via our communications server. Send a message to an Operations Manager+ and they will lead you through our appeal process.

Timed Bans
Timed bans are unappealable. Please serve your time as cause for your actions.

Server Bans
Server bans are unappealable unless false.

Coordinative Staff Promotions

Management Assistant is a rank achievable only by those who show the utmost dedication to Athena’s Garden. They have been recognized by many a Management member and are ready for the next step in their career.

If you believe you meet that description, than we recommend following the below guide as it has a relatively clear outline as to what we look for in Coordinative Staff to join Management.


  • Safechat disabled
  • In Discord server
  • 13+ years of age
  • 800+ in-game Staff Experience
  • Advanced knowledge of English grammar

As well as the above, we recommend showing consistent activity! Our Management members generally spend 3+ hours in-game a week, whether that be training or supervising. It is best to show that you can show consistent but spread out activity, not overall activity. This means you shouldn’t be in-game for 8 hours straight on one day, and only for 5 minutes the rest of the week. It is best to be in-game for maybe 30-45 minutes every day.

Lastly, show dedication. Don’t give up after being Coordinative Staff for two weeks. Generally, it takes 2-3 months before you will receive recognition (promotion wise) for Management.

If you have further inquiries, I highly recommend joining our communications server and opening a General Questions ticket.

Chairperson and Founder: maxdearestt on Discord / AuthoritativeBacon on Roblox
Vice Chairpeople: bluesquarestudios on Discord / daddy1to11 on Roblox, lets_go235 on Discord / Lets_Go235 on Roblox
Director of Staffing: b1oxy on Discord / ImB1oxy on Roblox
Director of Public Relations: Under recruitment
Ranks below the above mentioned should be contacted via the support ticket system within our communications server.