Atlantic Hurricane Simulator - March 2019 Updates


:cyclone: Atlantic Hurricane Simulator - March 2019 Updates :cyclone:

What’s new:

  • Storms take dynamic, curving, realistic paths.
    • Storms can curve to Europe, hug the east coast of the US, and more!
    • One of the game’s most-requested changes!
    • The original movement system has been fully replaced.
  • Four new badges!
    • Break the world record for most damaging hurricane!
    • Make landfall in Greenland!
    • Make science fiction real!
    • Customize your season’s names!
  • New user role in Wizard Studios for users who purchase the new contributor t-shirt! Group members get exclusive information on the development process & get direct replies to their suggestions, ideas, and bug reports!

Thank you to everyone that supported the game by sending comments and donations!

Minor change log:

  • Boston replaced with NYC by request
  • Made apocalyptic mode more apocalyptic
  • Storm tracks self-destruct after 10 minutes
  • Maximum 5 simultaneously active cyclones
  • Fixed some issues on mobile devices


  • Florence and Michael have been retired and replaced with Francine and Milton. To re-add them, players can manually edit their storm names in the settings menu.
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