Atlantis Island Hotels & Resorts training guide


Your first task as a Host is to set up your session correctly.

  1. When you decide to host a training your first task will be announcing, the format for the group shout is the following.

“Greetings! A training session is being Hosted by (Username) at (Time) BST! Trainees, make sure to attend to get promoted! Staff will be needed to assist!”

You will see a channel named “botcmds-onlyfor-training-shift” the commands for the session is pinned and can be viewed by clicking on the pin symbole labeled as this.

When you have started your session your second task will be slocking, the announcement should look like this.

“We are very sorry, the training session has already started! Don’t be sad, there is always a next time.”

When you have finished your third task will be ranking the passed and ending the session! The announcement should look like this.

“The session has successfully ended! Congratulations to all who passed! If you have failed, don’t be sad, there is always a next time! :D”


Host: :sm :trophy:Welcome Trainees! Please stay seated, the training is about to begin, don’t go into the main hall yet! :trophy:

Co-Host: :h Staff please go into the main hall and line up on the Grey pads!

– When all staff are inside the Host will tell the Trainees to line up at the entrance of the main hall!

Host: :sm Trainees may now go into the main hall! Take a seat, PTS is active!

– When all trainees and staff are in the main hall the host will have to s-lock the session.

(Use the command “!slock”)

When the server gets locked the Co-Host will have to team staff members and ask them if they have the guides. After this process is finished the training session can start.

Host: :sm Welcome to this training session! How are you all today? I hope you are doing fine!

Host: :sm Great! Let’s start with the session!

Host: :h Rules and Regulations

Host: :sm As a member of Atlantis Hotels, you’re expected to follow and abide by all rules and regulations set for this server, failing to do so will result in consequences.

Host: :h RESPECT

Respect is mandatory in all of Atlantis Island & Resorts, failure to do so will result in further consequences. This goes for all race, sex, and homophobic comments. Racism is an auto-removal from the server.

Host: :h DRAMA

Host: :sm Starting or encouraging provocation is not allowed. Doing so may result in a removal from this server. Those who participate in drama will be kicked from the server, and if they continue, they will be removed without hesitation.


Host: :sm Please refrain from talking about your private information. Leaking others private information including pictures is not allowed.

Host: :h NSFW

Host: :sm Posting NSFW images, bypassing, NSFW videos, or DMs is not allowed. You will be banned immediately if caught doing so.


Host: :sm Swearing is a strict no using slurs will result in an automatic ban.

Host: :sm My Co-Host will now continue!

Co-Host: :h Trainee Rules:

Co-Host: :sm As a Trainee here at Atlantis we expect, you use grammar during the whole session!

Co-Host: :sm If you fail do not get mad at your trainer, they took their time to train you all and being disrespectful towards them is an automatic kick from the server!

Co-Host: :sm Make sure to answer questions with a full sentence.

Co-Host: :sm Do not troll in your answers, trolling will lead to a demotion from your current position and a blacklist from the application center!

Co-Host: :sm Thank you for listening to these rules! :blush:

Host: :sm Trainers and Helpers go to your stations, trainees stay seated!

–Wait until everyone goes to their station.

Host: :sm Trainees may now go to their station! STS at the Grey lines once you arrived at your station!

– Check if the trainers are ready to start!

Host: :sm Trainers feel free to start now! I wish you the best of luck in this session! :four_leaf_clover:


Make sure to rank the Trainees which passed and take a picture if you want!

Don’t forget to announce that the session ended on Discord and on the Roblox group!

Run the command “:Shutdown”

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