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:pill: Alliance Information & Application

Thank you for showing interest in allying with Atlas Medical. This document shares information regarding Atlas Medical alliances and how to become one. If you have any questions regarding policies, requirements, and the application, please forward them to a member of the Communications department immediately. We hope to review your application soon. Good luck!

:warning: NOTE: All requirements posted below must be met before submitting an application. We do not allow exceptions.

  • Roblox group must have at least 2,000 non-botted group members.
  • Discord server must have at least 1,000 non-botted. members
  • Must announce all Atlas Medical events and announcements when requested.
  • Cannot sell any ranks with moderative or administrative privilege inside your games or server.
  • Server must be active, professional, and well-rounded.
  • Executive team must have active communication with us.
  • Group may not be a military group, fan group, or without an industry.
  • No past record of scamming, corruption, racism, sexism, etc.

:warning: NOTE: We recommend compiling all answers to these questions inside a Google document for easy readability.

1 - Please provide all information regarding your group. (Name, description, etc)
2 - What do you wish to accomplish by forming an alliance with Atlas Medical?
3 - How would our alliance benefit both of our groups?
4 - What makes your group different amongst others within your industry?
5 - Please provide 3 representatives that are willing to actively communicate.
6 - Do you understand that we may terminate or blacklist this alliance if we encounter any issues without warning?
7 - Is there any information you would like to share that you haven’t already? OPTIONAL*

Once again, Atlas Medical thanks you for being interested in allying with us! Keep in mind that our Communications department will review your application and will inform you of their final decision within 72 hours. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact our Communications department.

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