Atomic Auto Industries Logo

Of course, I recently posted a building on an AAI car dealership, about less than a week ago. The community did not have much to say about it, so it will not be a public model. I stated in that very post that I created a logo for the company. The color scheme on the building does not match the logo, since I have made some adjustments recently. It’s a pretty basic logo, actually.

I do believe that logos should be kept as basic as possible! This will improve readability.
I’m just curious at how the community will rank this. Feel free to criticize as you wish, I need it!

I mean it’s decent. I think you are taking the simplicity to the next level, though. I typically think users are more appealed to detailed logos and more likely to click on the game. Though, this would look good in the corner of a GFX logo for the game.

Happy designing,

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