ATR | Alton Towers Roblox Opening

Greetings! I am here to announce something Big for the early stages of ATR | Alton Towers Roblox…

When will we be opening?

We will be opening NEXT SATURDAY, with Towers Street, Oblivion, Car Parks & The plaza. Wickerman will be a later date.

How will this work?

To make this work smoothly, we will join at about 8:30 AM BST Next Saturday (18Th June!) This will be just about 30 Minutes - 1 Hour At the start, the gates will open and we will announce alot for our future, taht will take just about 5 Minutes, after that, we will check out the Car Park and then head to Oblivion. After that we will go back to Towers Street for a party!

While we are on the Topic of this group, I would like to announce the full list of events for the group, the events this year are… Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest, SCAREFEST, Fireworks 2022 and Christmas!!

Group Owner, Founder & lead developer

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