ATS Public Handbook

ATS Public Handbook

Applause Talk-Show is a Talk-Show group on Roblox that strives to entertain our members by having them enjoy a wonderful show here.


Rules are stated in the welcome channel of our Discord.


3 warnings = Kick

6 warnings = Ban

Some reasons to get a warning:

  • Trolling
  • Exploiting
  • Spamming
  • Cursing/Bypassing
  • Inappropriate Clothing

Rank Descriptions

Guest - A person that hasn’t joined the group.

Audience Member - A member that has joined the group.

Intermediate Member - An Audience Member who has proven to show respect at a show, and has been recognized and promoted by a Host+.

Experienced Member - An Intermediate Member who has proven to show respect at a show again, and has been recognized and promoted by a Host+.

V.I.P Member - A member who has bought the V.I.P gamepass.

Suspended - A member who has been banned for maximum warnings.

Noted Member - A person who has been on a show, or a retired staff member.

Allied Representative - A representative from an ally of ATS.

Trainee - A member who has passed an interview, but hasn’t passed a training.

Junior Barista - A Barista that hasn’t been promoted yet.

Barista - A Barista that has been promoted once.

Senior Barista - A Barista that has been promoted twice.

Shift Leader - A Barista that has been promoted three times. Supervises Baristas The highest LR rank.

Designer - A person who gets paid for making Logos, Clothing, Thumbnails or Icons for the group.

Development Team - A person who gets paid for building or scripting for the group.

Staff Intern - Someone who passed an MR application, but is on trial for another MR rank.

Supervision Team - An MR team that supervises members during cafe shifts and shows.

Management Team - The first team that is in charge in hosting sessions. Promotes baristas.

Coordination Team - Hosts sessions, also in charge of promoting LRs.

Host In-Training - Someone who passed Host applications, but hasn’t taken a DM training yet.

Junior Host - A Host In-Training who passed a DM Training.

Intermediate Host - A Junior Host that got promoted.

Experienced Host - An Intermediate Host that got promoted.

Senior Host - An Experienced Host that got promoted.

Hosting Board - The first Executive rank, in charge of promoting Hosts and doing the weekly schedule.

Corporate Officer - An Executive that is part of a department.

Senior Corporate Officer - A Corporate Officer that got promoted.

Executive Assistant - A Senior Corporate Officer that got promoted.

Department Coordinator - The head of a department.

Board of Directors - The group that assists the Ownership Team in future decisions for ATS.

Vice President - The lowest Ownership Team rank. Assists the other Ownership Team members, especially the President.

President - The highest promoted rank. Does mostly moderation and promotions to HR members.

Vice Chairman - Assists the Chairman.

Chairman - Reserved for RBCJ19 and one other Ownership Team member.

Recipe Guide

Iced Coffee = Ice + Coffee

Mocha = Milk + Chocolate + Espresso

Iced Mocha = Ice + Milk + Chocolate + Espresso

Cappuccino = Espresso + Sugar + Milk + Milk Foam

Frappuccino = Espresso + Ice + Sugar + Milk + Whipped Cream

Americano = Espresso + Hot Water

Caramel Macchiato = Ice + Espresso + Milk + Syrup + Caramel

Iced Tea = Ice + Tea

Ownership Team