Attach Camera Type does not follow the orientation of the camera subject

The attach camera is supposed to follow the position and orientatinon of the camera subject, but lately it has not been doing that.

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Maybe this is related to the recent CameraScript updates. @AllYourBlox might know more.

I used the track for my game; it does not follow orientation, but it does follow the character correctly (as far as I have seen it).
You may want to give that a try if attach doesn’t work.
If not, then maybe just test it out a couple more times. :man_shrugging:
Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have enough experience, you could try using the “scriptable” method. I personally have not used it, but maybe you could try.

I’ve switched to scrip-table, because attach doesn’t respond to any orientation manipulation.

I hope it worked out!

I achieved the same purpose for scriptable, but it took significantly longer. Those little bugs are seriously annoying.