[Attemp to call a ColorSequence value] changing color of a ParticleEmitter

Hi! Im chila
Today I was scripting an obby, and I want a rocket to take the player to the next checkpoint, I added a seat and welds to make this come true.
Everything is working fine, but I cant fix this:

Heres my code:

local fire = Instance.new("ParticleEmitter")
	fire.EmissionDirection = ("Bottom")
	fire.Color (255, 131, 42)

Forgot to metion, I want to add the particleEmitter to simulate the fire coming out of the rocket :slight_smile:

Lua(u) thinks you are trying to call Color as if it were a function. But, it is neither a function nor something with a metatable with a __call field.

You’ll want to do fire.Color = ColorSequence.new(Color3.fromRGB(255, 131, 32)) instead.

Thank you! Im going to try this :slight_smile: