Attempt to concatenate string with instance

I’ve tried everything. tonumber tostring without # EVERYTHING
Current code:

local pizzeria = game.ServerStorage.Pizzeria
local assetnumber = #pizzeria:GetDescendants()
pizzeria.Parent = workspace
print("Sent variable, terminating script")
script.Enabled = false

I got so desperate i used chatGPT :skull::coffin:
Anyways help me please. Also the error is on the client which i cannot link rn but it’s just a onclient event and a descendant added. I need this number. Someone help.

concatenate is using the .. operator, can you show the relevant client code?

I said i couldn’t.
Roblox stop for god’s sakeeee

Oh but I remember. It’s

number.. "/".. assetnumber ```
Number is defined as 0 and goes upwards each time the descendant added event is fired.

why can you not post the full script? if you could copy the parts where number and assetnumber are defined that would be very helpful at least. Look for local number = and local assetnumber =

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I had to go and i sent the script in a discord dm. That’s is why. Asset number is defined in the server in the script i was able to provide. Then it gets sent via remote event.