Attempt to index field 'Remove' (a function value)

Is this literally just happening because of the very long deprecated remove function?

It looks like either the GUI called Remove inside options does not exist or when indexing a method takes precedence over a child. In that case you should just rename the GUI called Remove to something else.

I figured that would be the case, the GUI definitely isn’t missing and if it was it would would say nil value instead of function value. I’m sad I can’t name objects remove :frowning:

Can’t you use FindFirstChild? If Remove is the best name for whatever it is, then it should be worth the simple workaround.

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yeah but then it doesn’t look pretty because all the other buttons dont need findfirstchild

:angry: first world problems

Aren’t we actually supposed to use WaitForChild in local scripts to ensure things replicated anyway?

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I always do. I use WaitForChild for all instances (that are supposed to exist when the code runs) in all scripts.

only if you’re running the code when the script first runs, but it looks like this doesn’t since it’s nested

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