Attempt to index nil when the gui is clearly there

im trying to make an ammo system for my gun but I get the attempt to index nil error. Can someone help me fix?


you can try to fix it by adding wait(2) so it can find the gui

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Still have the same issue even with a wait

I Have had this issue before try changing the GUI name and see if it works. Thats usually what I do when this happens.

I know this has already been solved but you could also use WaitForChild() when referencing the Gui

Once again, if you read the error closely it’s saying that whatever you are looking for the player gui in is nil, so if

Then this is saying player is nil.

To fix this error, remove the player variable as you are already getting the player passed through the remote event!

-- ammo system start

local gui = player.PlayerGui.Info

local ammo = script.Parent.Parent.AmmoCounter
ammov.Value -= 1


-- ammo system end
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Im confused what did I do wrong I removed the player variable

Yup, now what the next error is saying is you have to pass the player variable to the FireClient statement, check the part of the script I posted above

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The problem is you are doing .LocalPlayer in a non local script.