Attempt to index nil with 'FindFirstChild'

i’m trying to make the animation work but this keeps happening!

the code:
(line 19)

local module = {}
module.__index = module

function module.use(chr)
	return setmetatable({
		Model = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage'):FindFirstChild('Assets'):FindFirstChild('BloxyCola');
		Drinking = false;
		Character = chr;
		StaminaRegen = 50;
	}, module)

function module:active()
	self.Drinking = true;
	local Model = self.Model:Clone()
	local Animation = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage'):FindFirstChild('Animations'):FindFirstChild('DrinkingCola')
	local Humanoid = self.Character.Humanoid
	Model.Parent = self.Character
	Model.Position = self.Character:FindFirstChild('Right Arm'):FindFirstChild('RightGripAttachment').Position
	Model.Orientation = self.Character:FindFirstChild('Right Arm'):FindFirstChild('RightGripAttachment').Orientation
	local weld ='WeldConstraint')
	weld.Parent = Model
	weld.Part0 = Model
	weld.Part1 = self.Character:FindFirstChild('Right Arm')

return module

Is your Character R6? Also maybe replace the module.use to

Yes, the character is R6 and i tried the and both didnt worked :confused:

Edit: i managed to figure it out, i forgot to add WorldCFrame before Position.

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