Attempt to index nil with 'InsertFrame'

I am trying to make a variable for a frame.

It puts out this into the console:

22:35:11.968 - Players.devinkid1.PlayerGui.ScreenGui.InsertSystem:20: attempt to index nil with 'InsertFrame'

Any idea of why this is happening?

This is the code:

local InsertFrame = script.Parent.InsertFrame -- Breaking line
local OpenButton = script.Parent.OpenButton
local InsertButton = InsertFrame.InsertButton
local IdBox = InsertFrame.IdBox
local CloseButton = InsertFrame.CloseButton

This is the layout:


Try using script.Parent:WaitForChild(“InsertFrame”) and also confirm that the object InsertFrame exists within the ScreenGui under your player’s PlayerGui.

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Still not working.


22:49:01.414 - Players.devinkid1.PlayerGui.ScreenGui.InsertSystem:21: attempt to index nil with 'WaitForChild'


local InsertService = game:GetService("InsertService")
local Gui = script.Parent
local InsertFrame = Gui:WaitForChild("InsertFrame") -- Breaking line
local OpenButton = Gui:WaitForChild("OpenButton")
local InsertButton = InsertFrame:WaitForChild("InsertButton")
local IdBox = InsertFrame:WaitForChild("IdBox")
local CloseButton = InsertFrame:WaitForChild("CloseButton")



The New Error says that script.Parent is Nil , Are you deleting the GUI somewhere in any other script? Also try removing that line and see if it works.


Do note that removing your InsertFrame variable will also error out InsertButton, IdBox and CloseButton. Just comment those out and what @Razor_IB said.

Yup, thats why. It is supposed to delete itself if you are not the owner haha

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