Attempt to index nil with 'TempContestants'

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    This script is supposed to give player swords, though the script this happens is cloned from “ServerStorage”, I did this so my game could have both random maps and gamemodes, TempContestants is a folder kept on the map models, and it has “Object Values” of Players currently playing.
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    Whenever the script for the sword gamemode activates, it for some reason it does not give the player swords, and giving me the error "Attempt to index nil with “TempContestants”error, the game does manage to access the map and the gameinfo folder.
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    I’ve already tried looking for solutions on the developer hub, and stuff like adding “Wait()” in case the script went off before it was filled in.
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local Map = game.Workspace.LoadedMap:GetChildren()

for i,v in pairs (Map.GameInfo.TempContestants:GetChildren()) do
	if v.Value then
		local player = v.Value
		if player and player.Character then
			local humanoid = player.Character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
			if humanoid then
				local sword = game.ServerStorage.Tools.Swordd:Clone()
				sword.Parent = player.Backpack

It appears that there’s a problem with ‘GameInfo’. Review that

‘Map’ is


Is basically


Which does not make any sense.

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“Map” is a table because GetChildren returns a table of all the children of the object you called it on.

If there is only one map in “LoadedMap” then you could try

local Map = workspace.LoadedMap:GetChildren()[1]

which would return the 1st object from the table

Yep this actually worked. Thanks for the quick response!

Thank you, I learnt something new.