Attempt to index number (numbervalue) with "value"

I wrote a code for an one hour timer and on line 18 I get this error: attempt to index number with 'Value' this is my code, I’ll be writing comments on the code block to help explain more of what I’m trying to do.

so essentially how it works is that i am just, every second changing 
numbervalues and on a local script it adjusts the values and makes it look like a timer
on the Gui ex: 12:40, like that (it counts down btw)

game.Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(function()--this event wasn't originally here, i added it because maybe I thought that the script was being read before the stuff loaded in.
	while true do
		minutesvalue.Value = 60--both of these values are in a folder that is in replicated storage
		secondsvalue.Value = 19
		repeat wait() until minutesvalue:IsA("NumberValue")--I also added this but its useless.
			if minutesvalue.Value ~= 0 then--THIS IS WHERE THE ERROR IS, checks to see if the timer is on anything but 0
				if secondsvalue.Value == 59 then--empty if statement, i planned to do more but ran into this issue
				if secondsvalue.Value == 1 then--if it his one second left, the next minute starts
					minutesvalue.Value = minutesvalue.Value - 1
					secondsvalue.Value = 59
					secondsvalue.Value = secondsvalue.Value - 1--if its not the end of the minute yet, just keep counting
				if minutesvalue.Value == 0  then--if it is at zero
					secondsvalue.Value = secondsvalue.Value - 1--continues counting the remaining 59 seconds
					if secondsvalue.Value == 0 then--once its done do something
						print("test")--wanted to see


		until secondsvalue.Value <= 0 and minutesvalue.Value <= 0--ends the repeat  loop


so again, the two numbervalues, the minutes and seconds, are both in replicated storage, i don’t know if that has anything to do with it, so like i said, the error is on this simple if statement:

if minutesvalue.Value ~= 0 then --[[THIS IS WHERE THE ERROR IS,
 checks to see if the timer is on anything but 0

and these are how both of those variables are defined:

local rep = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local players = game:GetService("Players")
local minutesvalue = rep.jkds:WaitForChild("Minutes")--
local secondsvalue = rep.jkds:WaitForChild("Seconds")--
local minutes = 60 
local seconds = 19

What is the value at the time of checking the if statement. I’m assuming this an error because the variable set isn’t a integer. (Is this an integer value?)

it is nil but i’m using a numbervalue, i’m gonna try changing them to see if it works

hold on, they are both set to zero not nil

yes, changing the values from 0 and 0 to 60 and 19 prior to the game running solved my issue